• ART SPACE INSIDE成立于2018年,致力于以国际化的视野进行文化、艺术的传播和推⼴,打造复合型平台,搭建跨界的桥梁。

    INSIDE艺术空间:通过定期策划展览、艺术家代理、引进国际艺术活动等方式,来推动当代艺术的传播。机构旗下代理的艺术家, 以⽆国界的新锐青年艺术家为主,他们来自中国⼤陆、香港、法国、意大利、美国等地。以开放的姿态,多元的学术观和⽂化观为艺术家搭建持续性的展示与交流平台。 
  • 地址:天津市和平区河北路288号

Established in 2018, ART SPACE INSIDE is an alternative art space with combined commercial. Located  in Tianjin, China, it has a total area of 350 square meters. The space is divided into two parts: GALLERY INSIDE, andSTORE INSIDE. We are dedicated to build a platform of contemporary art, and crossovers between different fields, from culture to design and life style.
  • ADDRESS:  Tianjin, China.

GALLERY INSIDE是一家专业的当代艺术画廊,作为INSIDE艺术空间的主要组成部分,面积为50余平米。通过定期策划展览、艺术家代理、引进国际艺术活动等方式,来推动当代艺术的传播。机构旗下代理的艺术家,以无国界的新锐青年艺术家为主,他们来自中国大陆、香港、法国、意大利、美国等地。INSIDE在传统的艺术市场操作基础之上,加入当下的新思维,挖掘更多新鲜、有益的可能性;以开放的姿态,多元的学术观和文化观,为艺术家搭建持续性的展示与交流平台。

GALLERY INSIDE is a contemporary art gallery managed by professional curation team. As the major part of the organization. It promotes art by exhibitions, artist management and import of international art events. Our artists are mainly international young artists from all over the world, from China to Europe and United States. Based on the traditional operation in art market, INSIDE also joins the new thinking to explores more beneficial possibilities. We hope that with an open view, the INSIDE GALLERY can provide a sustainable platform for whom wants to show them selves and communicate with public.